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Cities Protocol

A Dapp to digitize urban governance in Queretaro City through gamified interactions using Skale network.

Cities Protocol

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Scaling Ethereum

Project Description

✋ Propose 🗳️ Vote 🥇 Get $TARO

VoTaro is an Ethereum application that uses a reward system to encourage residents of Queretaro City to propose and participate in activities that will improve their community.

🧰 What do I need to get $ TARO?

You need to do 5 activities to get TARO.

🦊 Download Metamask 🧅 Switch to Skale Network ✔️ Get Validated 🗳️ Delegate TARO 🦸🦸‍♂️ Create and Vote on proposals

Benefits for the city ⛓️ Urban governance on blockchain. 🏙️ Urban processes tracked in Smart Contracts. 🤖 Automation and Decentralization of services. 🧙‍♂️ Citizens develop digital skills. 🤝 Transparent and decentralized urban consensus. 🧬 Predictive Economy and Urban Development.

How it's Made

The citizens of Querétaro who use VoTARO to propose, vote, and solve the needs of their neighborhood in Queretaro City, will be rewarded with $TARO, an ERC20 token which gives users voting power on these proposals and will work as an instrument to fund the costs necessary to solve them.

Proposals are registered and managed in an automated way by the smart contract Governor Alpha a version of Compound's contract adapted to real-world interactions.

VoTARO implements SKALE Network, an ethereum layer 2 solution that reduces gas charges to 0 and increases the speed of transactions without compromising security.

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