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ChitChatChain: Your NFT Oasis! Discover, Connect & Engage with NFT owners through seamless XMTP-powered searches, private messaging, group chats & AirStack security. Embrace the NFT revolution now!


Created At

ETHGlobal Paris

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🏃 Airstack — Runner Up

Project Description

Are you fascinated by the world of NFTs and the endless possibilities they offer? Look no further! Welcome to ChitChatChain, the revolutionary app that brings NFT collectors together on a secure and decentralized platform. With our technology stack utilizing XMTP and AirStack, we are redefining how people search for NFTs and connect with their owners. This can be for anywhere from digital land, ENS domains, digital art or profile picture NFT projects. Get ready to embark on an immersive journey where creativity, community, and communication converge!

Key Features:

Seamless NFT Search: ChitChatChain leverages the power of XMTP to provide a smooth and lightning-fast NFT discovery experience. Easily find NFTs from Ethereum & Polygon with text based commands, all within a user-friendly interface.

Direct Messaging: Message the owners of NFTs you find with our NFT search. This way you for instance negotiate about buying their NFT, or to learn more about the story behind their collection.

Group Chat: Collaborate and engage with NFT communities effortlessly. ChitChatChain's Group Chat feature allows users to join or create groups focused on specific NFT interests, where members can share insights, discuss trends, and participate in group auctions. The group chat feature is specifically useful for POAP holders; directly start a group chat with people that attended the same event as you.

How it's Made

This project uses a conversational agent connected to the XMTP network to discuss with the user and understand what information it is looking for. Then, it uses Airstack to query the relevant information from the chain and display it to the user. For instance, for NFTs, it shows the address of the holder, and whether they have XMTP enabled. Therefore, you can click the address of the holder and start a chat. This chat allows you to talk with the owner of the NFT to make an offer. In the case of a NFT with multiple owners (like a POAP), you can start a group chat.

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