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The payments infrastructure for LATAM 3x cheaper than Visa and Mastercard


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Project Description

Problem: To accept card payments in their business, merchants concede up to 50% of their profit. Most of the businesses in LATAM like food trucks, mom and shops or mini markets which represent up to 60% of the consumer goods consumption in the region.

Solution: Chipi's proposed solution is a smart contract wallet that allows users to use their crypto with different web2 proven payment methods like NFC, QR Code and payment link. Merchants receive their money in fiat or hold to earn some yield. thanks to Starknet Chipi is cheaper than Visa, Master Card or AMEX

How it's Made

Merchant: For them, we implemented the Paymaster created by AVNU ( to sponsor the gas fees for our users' transactions from a backend. We also handle the creation of the wallet account using Argent's smart contracts and transaction signing using StarknetJS. Currently, we focus on making transactions in the Ethereum token, but with Chipi Pay, the merchant can accept any token available on Starknet network. The merchant enters the amount in their local currency and generates a payment order that they share with the customer. The customer can scan the generated QR code to complete the payment or has the option to receive a link to connect their wallet and complete the transaction. The merchant can request to withdraw their money from Chipi Pay and receive fiat into their bank account.

Customers: Being crypto-friendly individuals, they only need their Argent or Braavos wallet, open the payment link, confirm the amount in the crypto of their choice, and sign the transaction.

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