Charity Casino

Charity Casino uses the power of web3 to reliably send profits from chance games to charity, turning gambling addicts into philanthropists using Polygon and Chainlink.

Charity Casino

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Project Description

Variable rewards or random rewards are a powerful way to create psychological addiction. The success of slot machines is based on this principle. They have been around for more than 100 years and it's said they contribute to about 80% of casinos profits.

However, gambling can be detrimental to the financial and mental health of its participants. Shifting the money from gamblers to casino owners can cause a negative balance in human development and productivity due to the problems generated and experienced by gamblers. The money now allocated to the casino owner is unlikely to offset the crime and lack of productivity of gamblers.

This project aims to provide an alternative way of gambling where the casino's profit is not used to generate more addicts and acquire more profit but is redirected to charitable causes where the money lost by the gamblers can offset and create a surplus in human development and productivity.

In order to achieve this, we created a browser-based casino game and combined it with web3 so users can bet real money and the profits get reliably and transparently donated to a charity that is also blockchain-based (the GivingBlock).

Players bet in cryptocurrency (in this case MATIC) and receive rewards in the same token if they get the right combination in the slot machine. If they lose, their money gets donated, verifiably. A percentage of the money would be kept for maintenance.

After the player spends a pre-determined amount of money he gets the chance to use the wheel of fortune for one spin and gets rewarded with NFTs that vary in rarity.

How it's Made

The project uses web3Auth to make it easy for players to access the browser-based game.

Behind the scenes, we used the chainlink price feed to show players how much they win or lose in dollars as well as in cryptocurrencies. We also used the chainlink VRFCoordinator to provide random numbers to our chance games (slot machine and wheel of fortune).

We used NFTPort to quickly deploy the NFTs that we use as rewards for our wheel of fortune.

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