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Chameleon adapts to your creative ideas. Generate your own unique NFTs, using only text prompts.


Created At

ETHGlobal Waterloo

Winner of


πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ Worldcoin β€” Pool Prize


πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ Polygon β€” Pool Prize

Project Description

The Chameleon platform uses AI to simplify art creation and NFT minting. Users can create and mint beautiful AI generative NFTs with a simple text prompt, eliminating the need for advanced skills.

Chameleon uses the Polygon chain, providing benefits of low fees, speed, and EVM compatibility for user accessibility.

Fees generated from each NFT mint and Opensea royalty are redirected back to the community. Specifically, 50% of Nounified NFT fees support NounsDAO and the other 50% from regular NFTs contribute to Gitcoin grants, facilitating crypto ecosystem growth.

Nounified NFTs, which utilize Noun traits, are generated on our platform and contribute to the overall aesthetics of the design.

We use IPFS protocol for reliable and lasting storage of all our platform's NFTs.

User experience is enhanced with a dedicated AI chatbot that provides guidance on NFTs, making it more accessible to newcomers.

We've integrated Worldcoin for user login to ensure a safe and secure environment, preventing spam and Sybil attacks. This feature also helps us easily impose rate limits on users who might abuse account limits.

In the future we will build more features such as more advanced prompt/model editing and more NFT contract customization.



How it's Made


Figma walkthrough:


  • Advanced figma prototyping + design


  • IPFS storage API
  • Polygon Blockchain
  • Worldcoin ID

Front end:

  • Next.js, React, Wagmi, Hardhat, RainbowKit,

Back end:

  • Flask
  • Stable diffusion with controlnet + canny models + image masking with Nouns assets
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