Open standard for calculating historical APRs and predicting future APRs of crypto investments.


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Project Description

There is a primitive missing in DeFi, a standard practice for calculating yield APRs. Today it is up to the protocol to calculate their returns and that can be calculated differently from protocol to protocol and prone to errors. Additionally APRs may look appealing at first, but are very short in duration. And with the coming L2 chains more investment options will become available compounding an already challenging analysis of determining the best protocols to invest in.

We are building a multi chain standard for calculating APRs, and predicting future performance of stablecoin DeFi protocols that are based off of open technologies. The ultimate goals is to use this data to automate investment into highest yielding investments, and open up benefits of DeFi to the rest of the world.

How it's Made

We built a scalable TheGraph script to add arbitrary number of protocols and calculate APR (base + reward) by day. The subgraph is publicly available here:

This means we use ONLY on-chain data to calculate APRs by day. We did not screen scrape or use protocol-available APIs. This represents a truly trust-minimized and verifiable way of calculating APR.

We also built out a frontend dashboard to prove out our use case. The dashboard uses ReactJS framework to pull the data from the subgraph, normalize and structure it:

We use basic python scikit-learn for predictive models to calculate future APR rates. We use Fleek for hosting.

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