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Empowering developers on Starknet to stay informed. Receive instant notifications whenever your smart contract is interacted with, ensuring you're always in the loop. Essential for managing and monitoring decentralized applications.


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Project Description

ChainNotify enables developers to receive immediate notifications whenever specific events occur on their smart contracts deployed on the Starknet network. This notification mechanism is crucial for developers who need to stay informed about interactions with their contracts in real time. Key features include:

Event Notification: Developers can subscribe to receive notifications whenever predefined events are triggered on their smart contracts. These events could include transactions, state changes, or custom triggers based on the contract's logic.

Starknet Ecosystem Integration: ChainNotify is tightly integrated with the Starknet ecosystem, leveraging its capabilities for the fast and scalable execution of smart contracts. It supports developers building decentralized applications (dApps) and services on Starknet.

User-Specific Notifications: Notifications are personalized to individual developers based on their contract interactions. This ensures that developers only receive relevant updates about their specific contracts and events, enhancing operational efficiency and relevance.

Email Notification Integration: ChainNotify utilizes dynamic email notification mechanisms. This allows developers to receive alerts directly in their email inboxes, ensuring they stay informed even when not actively monitoring the platform.

Developer Dashboard: The platform provides a user-friendly dashboard where developers can manage their notification preferences, view historical events, and configure settings related to their contracts and notifications.

How it's Made

ChainNotify utilizes Starknet as its core blockchain platform for deploying smart contracts and executing transactions, leveraging its scalability and performance benefits essential for real-time event monitoring. Voyager facilitates efficient event fetching and management on Starknet, enabling ChainNotify to track specific smart contract events and trigger notifications. Dynamic email integration ensures timely developer notifications via a flexible email service provider that adapts delivery based on blockchain-triggered events. The frontend is built with Next.js and offers an intuitive interface for developers to manage contract notifications and access historical event data, while backend services, handle event detection, notification processing, and API interactions with Starknet and email services. Additionally, node-cron supports scheduled tasks, enhancing operational automation within the system.

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