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CertiFy: Safeguard certificates on the blockchain using ERC-721 tokens. Lit integration ensures encryption and verification, while Chainlink ensures reliable data exchange. Privacy and trust guaranteed!


Created At

HackFS 2024

Winner of


Lit Protocol - Participation Prize

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Project Description

CertiFy utilizes a combination of cutting-edge technologies to provide a secure and decentralized platform for managing certificates. Leveraging the ERC-721 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain, CertiFy ensures the authenticity and immutability of certificates. With the integration of Fleek, certificates are securely saved to IPFS, ensuring reliable and decentralized storage. Additionally, CertiFy employs Lit for encryption, safeguarding sensitive certificate data and ensuring privacy. This encryption capability enables confidential information within certificates to be securely transmitted and stored on the blockchain. Through the use of Fleek for IPFS storage and Lit for encryption, CertiFy offers a comprehensive solution for certificate management, verification, and privacy, empowering individuals and organizations to securely manage their credentials in a decentralized manner.

How it's Made

CertiFy was meticulously crafted using a combination of technologies to ensure robustness, security, and decentralization. The project primarily relied on the Ethereum blockchain and Solidity smart contracts, leveraging the ERC-721 token standard for certificate representation and management.

To address the challenge of decentralized storage, CertiFy integrated Fleek for saving certificates to IPFS. Fleek's infrastructure provided reliable and distributed storage, ensuring that certificates are securely stored and easily accessible.

Additionally, CertiFy incorporated Lit for encryption, enhancing privacy and security by encrypting sensitive certificate data before storing it on the blockchain. Lit's encryption capabilities allowed for confidential information within certificates to be securely transmitted and stored, safeguarding against unauthorized access.

The integration of these partner technologies significantly benefited CertiFy by enhancing its functionality and ensuring a comprehensive solution for certificate management. By leveraging Fleek for decentralized storage and Lit for encryption, CertiFy offered users a robust and secure platform for managing, verifying, and securing certificates.

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