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Certificate Maker NFT

A dapp where users can use certificate template to create certificate and upload it to IPFS

Certificate Maker NFT

Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

A dapp where users can create certificates and upload it to IPFS. The certificates can be NFT. User can use certificate borders that are created by designers. Designers can earn cryptos when someone used their certificate borders to mint NFT of certificates. User will to get purchase membership to see all certificate borders.

How it's Made

I built the front end with react and use semantic-ui for styling. I build the back end with node.js with express for creating certificate. I used to store the certificate borders on IPFS. I also use to store certificate that were created on the server. I created the contracts using Solidity with Openzeppelin ERC-721. I used Unlock's Paywall to get user to pay membership to access all certificate templates. I deployed the contract on Polygon Testnet for cheap gas fee.

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