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Crypto Broadcast News on Mina blockchain redefines news with ZK proofs, WorldCoin ID, and FVM. Secure votes, user-authentication, and efficient data storage ensure a decentralized and transparent news experience. 🌐🔒 #CryptoNews #BlockchainInnovation


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ETHGlobal Istanbul

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Worldcoin - Pool Prize

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Project Description

Crypto Broadcast News, on the Mina blockchain, reimagines news broadcasting through ZK formal verification, WorldCoin ID authentication, and the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM). ZK proofs secure votes, WorldCoin ID ensures user authenticity, and FVM powers efficient app deployment and data storage.

Votes, each cryptographically sealed, bolster democratic integrity. WorldCoin ID mandates decentralized user verification, streamlining onboarding. FVM, the Filecoin Virtual Machine, integrates blockchain's trustless essence, preserving information integrity.

User participation involves singular, monetarily-backed votes, curbing malicious activity. WorldCoin ID adds an extra security layer. In this fusion of cryptographic prowess, user-centric design, and FVM efficiency, Crypto Broadcast News pioneers secure, transparent news delivery on a decentralized network.

How it's Made

The project is made by combining auth0, FVM, mina protocol circuits, WorldcoinId and nextJS. We are leveraging the information that world offers us and creating an easy experience for sharing news about the subjects that matter to you. We have a react frontend that uses auth0 to connect to WorldId than based on that we create a mina protocol wallet, and from there the user can start writing some articles or voting on the things that they feel are worth. In the end, those votes are validated by the mina protocol in a ZK proof chain. Practically every user can have just one vote, and when they cast it they can not cast another one again. We are looking to extend the possibility to cast multiple votes.

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