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Cat and Mouse

An on-chain game where 2 players and trying to attack and avoid being attacked.

Cat and Mouse

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Autonomous Worlds

Project Description

This project is a simple game developed using the MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) framework. The game revolves around two players, one assuming the role of a cat and the other assuming the role of a mouse. The objective of the cat is to attack the mouse, while the mouse tries to avoid the cat for as long as possible. When the cat successfully attacks the mouse, the players' roles switch. Please note that this project is solely for experimentation purposes with the MUD framework.

How it's Made

The project is built using the MUD engine and the frontend is built using plain HTML.

The project is relatively simple but would be a good start to make greater on-chain games in the future.

Learning points from using MUD:

  • Optimistic Rendering significantly improves user experience by providing users with immediate feedback.
  • Clients that are receiving updates will still experience latency issues (lag), which means that the framework should not be used for real-time strategy games (yet)
  • Possible workflow to build future games:
  1. Design Game Concept
  2. Define Winning Condition
  3. Define Game Rules
  4. Write down data structures into mud.config.ts
  5. Define discrete game logic in "System" Contracts
  6. Design user interface on Figma
  7. Build user interface
  8. Integrate user interface with MUD
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