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Adding caramel gooeyness (aka artifact persistence via Pinata's IPFS pinning service) to Truffle 🍬


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Project Description

Caramel adds Pinata's IPFS pinning service to Truffle via a Truffle plugin. This allows developers to more seamlessly pin project assets (such as the front-end UI, build artifacts, or off-chain assets) as part of their development workflow. At the time of submission it supports pinning, listing, and unpinning.

How it's Made

From a technology perspective it Caramel uses Truffle's plugin system and Pinata's API. It's written in Node.js / JavaScript (although I'll be converting it to TypeScript in a future update). Nothing overly fancy although I've come to love IPFS (and ecosystem services such as Pinata) even more since hacking on this.

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