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CANDID - Bringing trust to the web3 economy

We build an application to gather insights into financial and social activity of a wallet. Think of Zerion, Snapshot, and Linkedin.

CANDID - Bringing trust to the web3 economy

Created At

HackMoney 2022

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ Compound Labs — Pool Prize

Project Description

This project aims to bring trust to the permissionless economy. We think that on-chain reputation is key for this new permissionless economy. Where people can work with a pseudonymous name and still show that they are a trustworthy person. We believe a person's public blockchain address can serve as a profile (eg. like a LinkedIn profile) that tracks all actions on-chain. This is why we wanted to build an app that lets people easily find out about other people's public on-chain trustworthiness. You only need to enter an address and then you get statistics on the address's financial and social behaviour. Furthermore, we want to provide an open and fair social score that measures one's reputation by having done certain on-chain actions (DAO voter, multisig signer, public good donor, etc.)

How it's Made


Our backend is implemented in python using FastAPI and serves data aggregated from TheGraph (for AAVE), Compound (using the Compound REST API), and snapshot (via their GraphQL API). We built our frontend with NextJS and integrate WalletConnect and Wagu-Connect or easy integration with a user’s Wallet. Furthermore, the frontend pulls in data from our API as well as various other APIs.

How they are pieced together:

The frontend and backend communicate via a standard REST API.


Sadly no hacks apart from a lot of data crunching in the beginning?

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