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Cameo DAO is the decentralized autonomous organization that uses yield from staked members to pay the cameo to create content that drives the DAO.


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Project Description

Cameo DAO create NFT as a member verification that uses NFT minting fee as a staking liquidity as an income-generating asset to drive the DAO. The staked liquidity has an infinite monthly income generator with a no loss mechanic. First, users pay a minting fee to generate NFT as a membership. Then the NFT can vote on the proposal in the DAO. To distribute the yield to the cameo, there are two ways, the influencer creates a content and verifies the content with the DAO then gets the revenue. Another way is using an arbitrager to pay the cameo and get the content to verify with the DAO. The content can be used to shill the project or get the hype from the community and expand the DAO.

How it's Made

Users will mint a CameoDAO NFTs that is based on the ERC721 standard. The revenue generated from NFT minting will be deposited on Anchor to generate yields necessary for hiring influencers on Cameo. NFT holders will be able to create proposals regarding the contents of the Cameo clip on the DAO’s governance contract. Once a proposal is passed, the funds for the clip will be approved and anyone (arbitrageur) will be able to hire the influencers to create the clip as per the passed proposal then the clip will be verified through DAO voting by the NFT holders. If the clip is verified, the arbitrageur will receive the approved funds that was initially allocated to the clip’s production.

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