We are building open,neutral, border-less, decentralized and censorship resistance Meetings(Google Meet / Zoom) powered by web 3.


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Project Description

Cadbury is building open,neutral, border-less, decentralized and censorship resistance video chat/meeting platform powered by web 3.

It's Frontend is on ReactJS and internally uses raw client side webrtc .It establishes mesh network for all it's connected peers.

Future work - For Performance/Scalability/Decentralization Cadbury's team will be working on protocol on top of libp2p that will have signaling servers,sfu,mcu,transcoders and orchestrator as actors complmenting filecoin/livepeer

During the hackathon, we did research (read white papers/ talked to their team) on these to understand the mechanics behind decentralized video chat:

  1. Livepeer
  2. Theta
  3. Marlin protocol
  4. Videocoin
  5. Bugout by Webtorrent
  6. Casto Network

How it's Made

Cadbury has it's own custom signaling server that can be single click deployed to heroku . Signaling server handles exchange of ICE and SDP and eventually gives control to webrtc .WebRTC then handles peer to peer Audio,Video,data streaming via RTCpeerconnect RTCDataChannel

It is hosted on ipfs via fleek utilizing unstoppable domain. The ratings are handled via ethereum smc, pinning is done via pinata and meeting artifacts goes on filecoin via textile powergate.

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