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Cabal Chat

Cabal Chat allows a first-time Web3 user to ask questions, analyze token markets, and complete transactions in simple and minimal chat based prompts.

Cabal Chat

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ETHGlobal Istanbul

Winner of


1inch Network - Enhance your app with 1inch Developer Portal APIs 2nd Place

Project Description

At Cabal Labs, we recognize the challenges that newcomers face when diving into the world of Web3. The steep learning curve associated with mastering multiple blockchain tools simultaneously can be daunting for first-time users. To address this, we've developed Cabal Chat — a user-friendly platform that transforms the complex landscape of Web3 into an accessible, chatbot-driven experience. This approach allows users to execute sophisticated Web3 actions and gather insights about blockchain technologies through simple and intuitive prompts. Our focus on modularity in our technological framework ensures future adaptability and expansion. This foresight allows us to seamlessly integrate new tools as the Web3 domain evolves. Moreover, Cabal Chat will feature a plugin system, empowering developers to innovate within our ecosystem. This functionality not only lowers the barrier of entry for early-stage companies seeking to capture the attention of new users but also acquaints these users with the latest and most relevant Web3 technologies in a straightforward, uncluttered manner.

How it's Made

Cabal Chat represents the intersection of simplicity in user experience and complexity in backend development. At the forefront, we have our Next.js frontend, designed to be minimal yet effective. This simplicity is integral to crafting an intuitive chatbot experience. To achieve this, we employed tailwind.css, ensuring a consistent, clean development process for our UI, focusing on styling and color schemes. A pivotal aspect of Cabal Chat is the integration of SAFE for account abstraction. This feature is crucial in simplifying the user experience by eliminating the intricacies associated with managing a wallet address. Users can effortlessly connect their Gmail or other accounts for logging in. For first-timers, we facilitate the connection of their current wallet with SAFE. Once set up, users can deposit funds into their Cabal Chat account, enabling seamless transactions through the chatbot interface. Our backend is where the true innovation of Cabal Chat lies. We've incorporated several key technologies: 1inch APIs: We chose 1inch for its straightforward and efficient interaction with the blockchain. The integration of their Swap API, Balance API, and Token API allows our AI agent to understand and interact with blockchain effectively. This amalgamation enables the agent to perform tasks like checking wallet balances, searching for tokens, and handling contract addresses, all vital for an enriched user experience. LangChain and GPT-4: Our AI agent is built using LangChain, coupled with GPT-4 as the underlying language model. This combination provides a robust framework, enabling our agent to strategize, execute tasks, and adapt based on results. The ReAct framework (not to be confused with React.js) is particularly noteworthy, as it empowers our agent to formulate and execute plans, adapting dynamically to achieve complex, multi-step tasks. SAFE Account Abstraction: Through SAFE, we offer a social login via Web3Auth, enhancing the user experience by deploying SAFE accounts for all interactions within the application. This approach significantly reduces transaction fees and speeds up processing times. Base Layer 2 Chain: Our choice to use Base, a fast Layer 2 blockchain, was driven by its ability to perform transactions quickly and at a low cost, significantly enhancing the overall user experience. Our journey in building Cabal Chat was a blend of selecting the right technologies and innovatively integrating them to create a product that simplifies Web3 interactions while maintaining a high standard of user experience. Each technology choice was made with the goal of enhancing functionality, reducing complexity, and ensuring a seamless journey for our users into the world of blockchain and Web3.

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