Create an online reservation that makes possible to reserve a team/time NFT on blockchain.


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Scaling Ethereum

Project Description

This project is a challenging Dapp that uses composable and dynamic NFTs. We create an online reservation that makes it possible to reserve a team/time NFT on the blockchain. There are lists of teams on a market where customers can purchase NFTs posted by the Teams. The online reservation is managed by a group of administrators. Admins allow teams to add time NFT to the reservation system. teams can manage their account info and time NFTs. customers can visit team NFTs and purchase NFTs using cryptocurrency. customer who has bought a week NFT can put his\her token up for auction.

How it's Made

-We used composable NFTs with ERC998 standard. We create a composable Team NFT which consists of Week NFTs for the weeks of the year.

-Team NFTs are also dynamic, cause their metadata can be updated

-we used Arbitrum Rollup chain as L2 solution.

-we used The graph for creating a subgraph from the Bundle.Bond contract that logs events.

-We used these events for updating the score of teams in their NFT metadata

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