No-code builder for NFT collections. We make deploy 10x cheaper


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ETHOnline 2021

Project Description

Our main project is an NFT infrastructure.

What we've been working on during hackathon is a no-code self-serve launcher. Here's the demo:

Features include: generative art collection (like Cryptopunks), batch minting, 50$-deploy cost (we use ProxyFactory).

After creating the NFT contract you can integrate mint button into your website using this link:¶ms=%5B1%5D&value=0.02

It accepts method name and params, and can call any smart-contract. NFT mint is just an example really.

As a bonus feature, there's a "Pay me now" Ethereum button using the same system.

How it's Made

The technologies used are IPFS, infura, cloudflare, web3.js, React. We also support Polygon and BSC for execute-me widget.

I also coded a NFTFactory that uses the same underlying contract for all users, but creates on-chain clones, making deployment 10x cheaper (50$ instead of 800$!)

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