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A Tinder-style app on Lens for developers to find hackathon partners, using Sismo Connect to prove knowledge and skillsof crypto


Created At

ETHGlobal Lisbon

Winner of


🏆 ETHGlobal Lisbon Finalist

Project Description

Finding hackathon partners with skills that you need in your team is hard.

With buddy, you can use a familiar interface (tinder 😎) to find web3 hackers near you!

You can add zoinks to your profile, which are ZK-verified crypto skills, eg you’ve been an eth core dev or been in the space for years or won an ethglobal hack before or whatever.

And you can find others with the skills you need that are verified so you don’t find out halfway through saturday night that they actually kinda suck :)

Verifications are zero knowledge in case you have a load of anon wallets for whatever reason, you do you boo.

How it's Made

Lens - buddy will take your data from lens and find other lens users near you who are also on buddy. it uses the lens recommended_follows query so you can find the best people for you.

Sismo - log in with sismo connect to verify your claims. buddy uses sismo so you can add multiple accounts without exposing them all.

Polygon - launched smart contract on Mumbai

When you add a zoink, you are actually collecting a specific publication on Lens. Verified publications are then shown on your buddy profile.

You are only allowed to add the zoink if you are part of the user group that is specified in the collection module of the publication.

ie we’re using a sismo user group for people who have contributed to the eth core repos, so if your github is one of those and it is added into your sismo vault, you can add the ‘eth core contributor’ zoink to your profile

Matches are currently not stored on chain because we don’t wanna embarrass you and also we couldn’t really figure out a good way to do that with lens so open to ideas :)

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