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💸 Make it easy for non-crypto people to ape into meme tokens 💸

brrrrrr finance

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Project Description

Most people don't understand crypto from a technical perspective, but they do understand memes and jpegs. We're lowering the barrier for normal people to buy meme tokens. We built a website called brr, in which people can sign in with a magic link, load up their account with USDC, and buy meme tokens. No need to worry about metamask and passwords.

How it's Made

We built the dapp using truffle, drizzle, solidity, web3, etc. We're using for authentication. And we're deploying to rinkeby for now. The fiat onramp is mocked for now, but we want to launch w circle or gems. Otherwise we're deploying the dapp on netlify. Obviously we're using uniswap to enable the swaps.

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