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Donate ECO bricks to building Schools: Contributors may be philanthropists, Business with incentives, e.g. attend 4 webinars and x bricks will be donated, fundraisers; Projects can be motivated through quadratic funding and on subscription


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🥇 Superfluid — Best overall project


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Project Description

What: Donate ECO Bricks to build Schools

Why: Education is at the heart of every country to build it's citizens to become the contributors and pioneers of the future - by building schools, we create a safe learning space where people may come together, find the time to imagine and create then grow their communities to beyond sustainable development.

BrickDAO will be joined by a large community of philanthropists who are on a mission of creating something good. We have interested companies and NPO’s such as B1G1 as well as Subscription Model

Instead of raising the money once, the funding will be in a Subscription Model. Subscribers will vote for their favourite projects with their wallet (quadratic funding). To ensure the DAO continues to develop, it will pay developer contributors from a fixed sum or a percentage of the Budget.

Manage grants to projects to donate bricks to build schools: Source of bricks could be plastic bricks – this supports cleaning up the environment The final goal of this DAO should be to fail, because there is no more plastic waste produced on the planet. In a sub-DAOs we could create revenue streams to access grants and donations and where the funding would go

When it comes to subscriptions, everybody’s vote counts only once but they can increase their subscription. The DAO decides which public good will be accepted to the List of Project. Grants will available to organisations what will donate bricks to a building project.

At its core, it primarily pools funds for grants, however there will also be opportunity for investing in start-up programmes creating new products. Only token holders can make proposals and vote on their execution.

Founders: Gabriel Blaut, Efrain Cuello, Jeanine Osborne

How it's Made

The stack for front end is : NextJS , Html,Css,Javascript, React.js

we are integrating Skill wallet using they web component called @skill-wallet/auth

From SkillWallet Console we integrate our Discord server too using Webhooks to Manage Tasks and let your community contribute - directly from your Discord Server. SkillWallet's Discord Bot is a bridge between Web2 and Web3

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