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BrandAid is a Web 3.0 AdTech platform for Advertisers to run NFT-based ad campaigns across popular gaming/metaverse publishers! Using BrandAid, brands can mint NFTs and setup campaign smart-contracts.


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Project Description

Brands wish to leverage emergent trends to meet various business objectives. Their interest in NFTs and gaming is very evident. However, Web3.0 is extremely complicated to get started with. The ecosystem currently lacks structured approach to facilitate successful brand integrations. Hence adoption is low and restricted to global brands who can afford to experiment.

Brand Aid aims to ease the path, and help brands set up successful Web 3.0 campaigns.

Our strategy is to metamorphosize standard display advertising Web 2.0 methodologies. We plan to connect brands with engaged users across various gaming platforms and metaverse, by being the bridge to connect and provide value to each of the stake holders.

Brands want to engage with their target audiences, and create affinity. Platforms want to sustain engagement and continue to offer rewards to existing user base over longer periods. Users wants news ways of gamifications, high value rewards to go with, and maybe own a piece of their favorite brand NFTs.

BrandAid has three interfaces:

  1. Advertiser > To set up campaigns, upload creatives & mint brand NFTs, select publishers & track campaigns
  2. Publisher > Accept / review campaign contracts, skin brand NFTs to in-game NFTs & track user actions
  3. End-User > Reveal brand NFTs, Trade / Swap / Evolve NFTs or even burn them for associated offers & coupon codes For the project demo, we focused on the Advertiser Interface: Every Advertiser can set up a Brand Aid account, add brands, location and create a profile. They can set up campaign details, and upload associated NFT creatives. They can set NFT metadata like name, description rarity, rules for NFT evolution, offers that can be plugged in etc. They can set success metrics to determine, additional rewards for successful campaign delivery and probable penalties basis user actions. These rules are captured in mutually agreed upon smart contracts between the brands and the publishers. And advertiser can also upload offers and discount coupons codes which can be associated to NFTs. Coupon codes can be downloaded to be added to various fulfilment channels/ecommerce platforms. These can be redeemed by users in the BrandAid user interface.

With BrandAid we plan to bring in a fresh influx of advertiser funds into the web 3.0 ecosystem, and get the early mover advantage as a preferred Adtech stack!

How it's Made

To structure the application, we have used NextJS on the frontend, to build out the UI elements. Basis input actions, data transferred from NextJS to the backend which has been set up using Moralis. Moralis then handles the interactions with the Polygon blockchain and sends requests to the IPFS daemon, which routes it to the appropriate peer, and stores the data in its local storage.

The smart contracts powering the application has been written in Solidity, and we have used Factory Smart Contracts to create NFT Collections. Hardhat has also been utilized for development and deployment of the contracts.

The Polygon network executes the code inside the smart contracts and update the state of the contract to reflect the new transaction.

We planned to use NFT Port api for fetching and analysing the data from blockchain to show campaign related information, Chartjs2 for visual representation. We plan to fully implement this in future releases.

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