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A federated-cpu-miner, wallet, running on Braineum, a scaled-up Ethereum system, with links to DeFi and a Bitcoin like ecosystem.


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

This project will provide a federated-cpu-miner and wallet to the Braineum system which was conceptualized during the Scaling Ethereum Hackathon. Additionally, links to the DeFi ecosystem and a DeX will be integrated and finally a link to the Bitcoin ecosystem. This project is about democratizing mining so that CPUs and mobiles can participate in mining process.

How it's Made

This project will be built with React, Node, Ethereum, and integrated with (didn't make it: Aave, Compound, Connext). Although this hackathon was 3 weeks long I had other pressing matters so I was only able to spend the last weekend on this project. Therefore I couldn't incorporate the sponsors into this system.

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