A massively redundant parallelized global computer with N blockchains modeled on how the brain works.


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Scaling Ethereum

Project Description

The objective of this project was to scale Ethereum into a massively (for my laptop) parallelized architecture. Five Private Ethereum systems were used as well as Ganache. A game, Braineum-Life, was created to mimic the process of life: birth, good-events, bad-events, wining a jackpot every now and then and death. Some data was extracted from each of the nodes in parallel to produce its functionality. A token was created by there was no time to test it out in transacting across chains using Connext. However, in terms of proof-of-concept I think this hack passed the test.

How it's Made

This project used Geth, React (a framework to help speed things up), lots of reading through the Ethereum documentation and general online searches for info. This was a solo effort although there is a registered team member but not a computer techie although a rocket scientist. I did use some of the Ethereum development tools like Ganache however I tried to stay as close to the lowest levels as possible to truly understand the system and not get lost in the tooling.

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