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A Task List / Crowdfunding Solution on the Blockchain compatible with Australian Law


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ETHGlobal Sydney

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A suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Noted for its popular beach. Historically a working class area, consisting mainly of Irish and UK settlers looking for work in the city, it has become an internationally renowned brand and must see location, drawing visitors from all over the world. Even though the area has been much gentrified, clues of its rough origin still remains in the Australian venacular:

Give someone Bondi - Australian English informal, dated attack someone savagely Usage: Snowy got Maxie in a corner and began to give him Bondi.

Shoot through like a Bondi tram - To Depart or pass by hastily: Usage: One man shot through like a Bondi tram and then a couple of others quickly followed suit.

BondiDAO Concepts:

Bond - A security deposit, paid into an escrow in order to provide some sort of floor for compensation of work done on the platform.

Usage: "I need a Bond on the work I'm doing." "Come on man, you're killing me with your demands" "Piss off. I'm not lifting a finger until I get this within the hour."

Bondi - A stable coin, having one to one ratio with the Australian Dollar, required for the Bond.

Usage: "I need you to chip in some Bondi for the Project." "Naur bro. Piss off. I lost all those Bondi on the last one. Not going in again"

Made List - A List of Projects allowed on the DAO

Usage: "5 years coding away in a room. Finally I'm on the Made List"

Made Token - A tokenized SAFE note for a project/company, convertible only on a Trigger Event

Usage: "Those Made Tokens are sik bro."

Bonded - When an individual accepts a task into a project

Usage: “Are you bonded with those AAAs?”

Bondage - The act of an investor adding to the Bond for Made Tokens

Usage: “Those DDDs need some bondage right now”

Binding - The amount of Bondi for a particular task

Usage: “Those bindings look HEAVY”

Bonding Ratio - The amount of Bondi / The Listed Token value for a Task

Usage: “I like the Bonding Ratio in this Bad Boy”

Bonding Pool - The pool of SAFE that are available for Bondage.

Usage: “Please, I'll do anything to get into the BB Bonding Pool”

We are playing with the concepts of what it means to establish trust between the entrepreuner, the 'worker', as well as the venture capital within what essentially is becoming more and more a ‘trustless society’.

The problem is that there is a lack of understanding on many sides of a potentially successful project. This is one of many reasons why a project will not succeed. Lets be frank about the negative perceptions of the 'Roles' within a project.

1. The "Entrepreneur" is the person holding everything together, doing all the talking and promising a whole bunch of things. Blue sky thinking. Whilst the label 'visionary' is usually given by the group when talking about that individual, it is becoming more and more evident that that 'visionary' is now moving to a derogatory term in the culture as "someone who can't do anything". After all, 99% of all projects fail right?

2. The "VC" is the person that says to everyone - hey, if you've got a project, come to me and MAYBE we can fund it. Let's not talk about the firehose of crappy chatgpt generated project that then comes their way, it's the perception by many that they are big swinging dicks that get whatever they want and any entrepreneur with an idea just has this concept of Shark Tank - where the big eats the small. There is no trust there either.

3. The "Worker" is the person on the startup with a special set of skills, either real, faked or greatly exaggerated. The interesting thing about the worker is that they are the actual ones with the power in this three sided game. What they do have is the power of choice. They can walk away at any time. The Entrepreneur and VCs are well aware of that and this means that they will gaslit, overcompensate to the whims and demands of the worker. The worker, being jaded as hell, will look to do the same thing in return to. They think - man, I can do it better than those stupid fools I’m working for. I'm just going to go out there and build something and flip the tables on those idiots. Lo and behold, an entrepreneur is born.

In reality, apart from the very few who tend to not even participate in the startup game. After all, why even bother with the chaff, the hustlers and the shysters. Everyone is struggling and believe it or not, the "Worker" actually has the power in most circumstances. They are the ones that are actually investing their savings, doing the boring, old stuff and making out like bandits. This is not quite intuitive but this is the actual state of play.

We wish to end this on a request for contribution. Actual contribution.

How it's Made

The technologies would be solidity, scaffold and reactjs.

Right now, this is a social hack because the very dynamics of the situation described above played out in miniture during the hackathon itself. The rest of this will be generated by ChatGPT due to the lack of time.

"The Billionaire's Dilemma" can refer to a few different concepts depending on the context. Here are a couple of interpretations:

Ethical and Social Responsibility: This refers to the ethical questions and social responsibilities that come with immense wealth. Billionaires, due to their significant resources and influence, face public scrutiny over their contributions (or lack thereof) to societal issues like poverty, climate change, and economic inequality. The dilemma lies in balancing wealth accumulation and personal interests with broader social expectations and philanthropic duties.

Economic Influence: This involves the impact of billionaires on economies and governments. Their ability to sway policy, affect markets, and influence political landscapes through lobbying and campaign donations presents a dilemma regarding the extent of their influence and the potential undermining of democratic and economic equality.

Literature and Fiction: If "The Billionaire's Dilemma" is a title of a book or a theme in a fictional story, it might explore personal, ethical, or romantic challenges faced by a fictional billionaire character, often set in a dramatic or high-stakes context.

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