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Bob the Solver

Infrastructure for Intent-based transactions for better UX of wallets and dapps.

Bob the Solver

Created At

ETHGlobal Paris

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🧠 1inch — 🥉 Best use of 1inch Contracts


🏆 ETHGlobal Paris 2023 Finalist

Project Description

"Bob the Solver" is an innovative project designed as an infrastructure for intent-based transactions (txs), intended to be integrated into wallets and decentralized applications (dapps). This project is born from the emerging paradigm shift in the account abstraction space, where discussions center on delegating the transaction creation process to a third party. Instead of instructing the exact transactions, the focus is on the execution of the user's intent.

In essence, "intents" represent the desired outcome, whereas "transactions" outline the precise steps needed to execute a transaction. Consider an example where a user intends to buy an NFT on the Polygon network. The intent is simple, but the exact transactions might involve swapping tokens, bridging across networks, and performing specific purchases, which are complex and time-consuming tasks requiring in-depth blockchain knowledge.

Recognizing that users typically have intents rather than exact transaction details, the "Bob the Solver" project aims to simplify the transaction process. The project has successfully developed a 'solver' that accepts the user's intent, automatically formulates the appropriate transactions, and executes them on behalf of the user.

This solver infrastructure not only enhances user experience by streamlining the transaction process but also optimizes the transaction efficiency, eliminating the need for users to manually construct complex blockchain transactions. By essentially outsourcing the transaction creation and execution processes, "Bob the Solver" revolutionizes how users interact with blockchain transactions, making the whole experience more intuitive and user-friendly.

How it's Made

"Bob the Solver" operates in two interconnected parts: a 'Solver' for creating transactions (txs) and an 'Account Abstraction (AA) Wallet' for executing these transactions.

Solver: The Solver is equipped with a machine learning (ML) model that classifies the user's intent. For instance, if the user expresses an intent to buy a specific NFT, the ML model determines this intent accurately. Once the intent is classified, an optimizer scans through potential transaction routes to find the most efficient path to achieve the intended result. After identifying the best route, the Solver constructs the required transactions on behalf of the user and forwards them to the AA Wallet.

Account Abstraction Wallet: The AA Wallet acts as the execution arm of the system. It incorporates a bundler and a paymaster. The bundler's role is to collect and organize the transactions sent by the Solver. Simultaneously, the paymaster is responsible for managing gas fees associated with these transactions. This means the paymaster pays for gas fees when necessary, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted execution of transactions.

The amalgamation of these two parts allows "Bob the Solver" to provide a seamless and efficient transaction experience for users. By utilizing the ML model to decipher user intents, the Solver eliminates the complexities involved in constructing a transaction. Meanwhile, the AA Wallet ensures transaction execution without the user worrying about technical details like gas fees

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