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We are making a BlogStream where users will only pay for what they read. And hence the money will be directly sent to authors account. So this helps support genuine writers.


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Project Description

The idea of this project comes from the big problem of great content writers being underpaid for their work. A decentralized platform for reading blogs with no intervention of any 3rd party platform. The unique point of this application is that the reader will only have to pay for what they are reading, through money stream payments powered by the Superfluid SDK. The data is securely stored and the author will earn what they deserve for the content they are putting out. Money streaming content can be shared across multiple formats such as video streaming too!

How it's Made

This project is mainly powered by Moralis and Superfluid. We are using Moralis for user authentication through various wallets. We are also using Moralis for uploading the blog post data into IPFS. We are then sending this IPFS data to the smart contract, where blog posts are stored safely along with ids. Once these IPFS websites are stored in the contract, we call these blog posts on the view blogs page, using ethers functions with the moralis SDK. Readers can stream these blogs with superfluid streams, which appears as a metamask transaction. They can monitor these streams in the superfluid dashboard as well. And when the reader stops reading a particular blog, the stream gets cancelled.

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