Blocktators are a collection of potatoes that dictate the narratives changing our world.


Created At

NFTHack 2022

Project Description

Blocktators is an NFT collection on Polygon with OpenSea. The Potato characters are satirical depictions of people that have enormous influence on the narratives and policies that shape and change our world. This is a fun project and the characters are created both to revere and criticize the individuals they depict.

Our intention for this project is to learn how to create the NFTs and use Polygon and OpenSea.

Art has been created with Abobe in SVG. The potatoes are meant to mock the significance of how world-changing social-impact narratives agendas become religiously dogmatic.

We have decided to use the OpenSea dashboard to deploy these contracts, but in future versions we may pick up the contracts at a lower lever to see if there is anything interesting that can be done.

We have explored the use of LaTex to create our whitepaper as this technology is useful in other professional projects and it has been informative to get the toolchain setup to use LaTex here.

How it's Made

Joan, Chad and Daniel came together on the internet and worked over a few days to come up with an NFT Collection called the Blocktators. The Collection has been created with the OpenSea and Polygon applications. The Art was created by Joan with Adobe and the contracts use Polygon and OpenSea and there is also a monorepo composed of hardhat, react and Latex packages.

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