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The footnote layer of the blockchain. Annotate a series of transactions to create a narrative story about what's happening on the blockchain

Created At

ETHNewYork 2022

Winner of


๐Ÿ”Ÿ Polygon โ€” Top 10


๐Ÿค Lens Protocol โ€” "follow on lens" or "sign in with lens"


๐Ÿฅˆ Covalent โ€” Best Use

Project Description

This project allows you to enter transaction hashes and make human commentary on what's actually happening to create a narrative timeline. Putting together a series of transactions allows you to create a story following an NFT, a hack, or explaining something going on in the blockchain. An example is "The Most Traded Cryptopunk" where we follow 17 different owners trading a punl. We allow different users to layer multiple stories on top of transactions showing alternate perspectives on the same transactions to create overlayed stories. Creators sign in through lens and stories are saved as posts on lens.

How it's Made

This project a full stack app built with next.js, which includes react.js. We allows users to sign in via lens. We use next.js for routing and we allow a user to add a story about a series of on-chain transactions using the covalent API by pulling specific transaction data. Once the story is finished, a user can publish. We store it in NoSQl database, and additionally, we store it as lens post. We're storing our json which defines our content on IPFS through NFT storage after submitting the blockstory.

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