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The goal of this project will be to develop a blockchain oracle that will provide satellite data to the blockchain


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Project Description

As humanity prepares to take it's biggest steps since the last century towards becoming a multiplanetary species the ability to manage massively distributed commercial transactions is on the cusp of taking centre stage. This project will seek to create a blockchain oracle that can provide satellite data to initially Ethereum based smart contacts.

With the awareness of space provided by this oracle, smart contracts will be able to evolve further into real world applications such as open taxi services, and open delivery services services to name a few. Our goal will be to create a minimum demonstrable product from which we will look to build out a more enhanced mvp post hackathon.

How it's Made

Our oracle utilises Tellor and Ethereum, to work. and sources event data from NASA. It provides information on the price of financial assets at the time of a given recorded event such as a wildfire or a cosmic event such as a solar flare. Other smart contracts can either pole the oracle or register to be notified when certain types of event occur.

The notification system proved to be particularly interesting as it provides infrastructure for autonomous smart contract business execution tied to the real world.

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