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Crypto Payments for India and the world. Built for merchants.


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ETHIndia 2022

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🥈 Router — Best Use

Project Description

The UPI revolution changed the way India pays. Especially it solved a huge problem for SMBs and merchants in India. Few reasons for this is the ease of using UPI apps, Fast settlements and convenience. We believe crypto will unlock rest of the world to Indian merchants by solving for one major painpoint- International payments. But the hurdle here is UX & lack of crypto understanding. With BlockPe, our aim is to bring the familiar UX & payment flows of UPI to merchants while abstracting out wallets and other crypto terms to merchants so that they can use the same Send QR-->Get paid flows for international/domestic payments.

For this, we made sure the merchants can first set the default chain and the token in which they want to accept payments and forget about source chain & source tokens.

Projects used:

  1. Biconomy for social login for merchants
  2. Router protocol for making sure irrespective of what chain & token the end consumer pays in, the merchants always gets in their default chain & token.

We envision this to be used for both International transfers and day to day chai shops, thus making crypto used everyday.

How it's Made


  • Router Protocol - We were using router protocol for cross-chain swaps and it was difficult to set it up for our use-case as the team at router had built the tech differently.
  • Biconomy - We were using biconomy's web-3 social login SDK and we faced an SSR issue as their SDK uses apis such as document and window
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