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Blockhead: Superhack 2023

Track, visualize & explore the OP Stack-powered Superchain and beyond with Blockhead's universal block explorer, crypto portfolio tracker, and alternative interfaces for your favorite dapps and web3 infrastructure!

Blockhead: Superhack 2023

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Project Description

Blockhead is an ongoing public good project aiming to build the most comprehensive, resilient, data-agnostic and user-friendly browser for crypto/DeFi/web3 apps and infrastructure.

New for ETHGlobal Superhack 2023: Track/visualize/explore tokens/blocks/transactions on OP Mainnet and other OP Stack-based chains (Base, Zora Network, Mode) with Blockhead's Portfolio and Explorer views, powered by JSON-RPC / viem, the Covalent API, and the Etherscan API!

How it's Made

Portfolio/Explorer: added support for sveral OP Stack-based chains: OP Mainnet, Optimism Goerli, Base, Base Goerli, Zora Network, Zora Network Goerli and Mode Testnet (Sepolia).

Covalent: in Preferences at the bottom of the Explorer view, set "Transactions/Blocks" to "Covalent" to show transaction/block data for OP Mainnet, Base and Zora Network.

Etherscan: in Preferences at the bottom of the Explorer view, set "Transactions/Blocks" to "Etherscan" to show transaction/block data for OP Mainnet (via and Base (via This is using a newly-created REST API client for all endpoints based on (with help from GitHub Copilot!)

Work in progress:

Blockscout: implement a universal Blockscout API client to fetch transactions/blocks for Base (, Zora Network ( and Mode Testnet (

Explorer › Timeline view: navigate the Explorer via an interactive timeline graph! Depending on the current Explorer view (address, block, transaction, network overview, etc), the relevant blocks and transactions from Ethereum and multiple OP Stack networks will be plotted on the timeline graph and updated in real time (including L1-L2 rollup transactions). Made with Svelte, SvelteKit and Layercake (

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