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A decentralized restaurant reservation app for restaurant owners and customers using Unlock


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Web3 Weekend

Project Description

With this project customers of a restaurant can select a table at a chosen time and reserve it by depositing a configurable fee. To get the fee back the guest has to enter a private key which is displayed at the chosen table. The restaurant owner also has the option to manually refund the fees of a certain reservation.

If the guest does not check in at the designated time (+ a configurable margin of x minutes) the fees will be unlocked and the owner can withdraw the fees to his wallet.

How it's Made

This project uses Unlock to create the posibility for users to create a reservation for a Restaurant by depositing a fee.


  • latest version of Angular

  • Ethers.js

  • Angular material


  • Solidity Smart Contract

  • Unlock

Unfinished Topics:

Reservation on a specific time (date and timepicker in the FrontEnd does not submit values to the SmartContract).

Withdraw function in the FrontEnd.

Refund of multiple reservations ( purchase -> purchase -> refund -> refund)

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