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Your personalized crypto portfolio dashboard! track token balances, transaction history, and portfolio performance with ease.


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Project Description

Blockfolio provides users with a detailed and personalized view of their crypto investments. Using the Voyager API for blockchain data and Dynamic for secure user authentication, Blockfolio ensures a seamless experience. Users can log in with their crypto wallets and view a comprehensive portfolio overview, including token balances and fiat values. The dashboard also offers a detailed transaction history and advanced insights to track portfolio performance and analyze investment patterns. Whether you're an experienced investor or new to crypto, Blockfolio makes managing your investments easy and secure.

How it's Made

Dynamic Integration: Blockfolio leverages Dynamic for secure and seamless user authentication. By allowing users to log in with their crypto wallets, Dynamic ensures a smooth onboarding process that prioritizes security and user experience. This integration simplifies the authentication process, enabling users to access their portfolio with ease while maintaining high security standards.

Voyager API Utilization: The Voyager API is crucial for retrieving detailed blockchain data in Blockfolio. It provides endpoints to fetch block details and transaction history for user wallets. The data from the Voyager API is used to display a comprehensive portfolio overview, including block information and their fiat values, as well as a detailed transaction history. This enables users to track their portfolio performance over time and analyze their investment patterns, offering valuable insights and recommendations.

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