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Dapp for payments and traceability oriented to physical gated communities


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Project Description

This project involves smart contracts to achieve the following:

The person in charge of the community will be the only one capable of registering new properties.

As a platform user, you will be able to:

  1. Specify that your property is related to a certain wallet address
  2. Look up the monthly fee correspondent to your property
  3. Make monthly payments and receive an nft as a proof of your payment

Following these 3 steps, every transaction will be traceable and available to consult for anyone who is inside the community.

In the future, the management token will be automatically delivered to users who pay early. Users who pay late will be charged a certain % of interest, this interest must be paid exclusively with the management token.

So basically if you pay late, you would have to buy the token from the people who paid early in order to pay your interests, leaving the people who paid early with some benefit and creating a circular economy inside these communities.

How it's Made

This project uses the Ethereum blockchain, to register transactions it connects directly to the user's metamask wallet in order to make payments associated to your wallet address.

Also, the mint of Nft's will be happening every time a payment has been made by a property owner.

Everything has been coded in solidity

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