Blockchain Robotics

A framework for integrating IoT devices and blockchain applications

Blockchain Robotics

Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

This project is a combination of NASA's open-source core Flight System middleware (cFS) to pack binary data files from IoT devices and the web3 storage application to store and control access of said files. cFS is a lightweight software package written mostly in C for command, telemetry, data acquisition, and processing for embedded devices. It has been used on satellite missions where computation and storage is at a premium. By combining cFS's ability to produce data, and it's portability to IoT devices, it makes an excellent candidate for pairing with decentralized blockchain storage applications such as web3 storage.

How it's Made

This project used Filecoins' web3 storage technology to store telemetry data files produced with NASA's cFS. It benefitted the project by providing a decentralized solution to data storage. cFS has the ability to use a GUI to configure specific details for files (size, age, etc) but I did not implement that.

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