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Blockchain Investor Network

The Blockchain Investor Network(BIN) connects startups with verified accredited investors in the blockchain space complying with new and evolving securities regulation.

Blockchain Investor Network

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Road to Web3

Project Description

The Blockchain Investor Network seeks to bridge current financial security regulation standards to web3. Investors are qualified and verified automatically based on their diversified multi-chain account balances. Accredited Investor status is then determined based on their countries securities law and an Accredited Investor NFT preserving the privacy of their on-chain net worth and accounts is issued to their investor account.

Startups seeking funding can then submit their funding proposals through the network allowing only those investors that meet the qualifications the ability to invest complying with current and future security laws.

How it's Made

Frontend built with react. Harpoon automatic account verification service built on Moralis using to pull account info from multiple addresses to our backend. Covalent Plugin used as second source of info to provide further stability, decentralizing the data feeds.

NFTPort using python to handle and qualify data to mint the qualification NFT with a custom OpenZeppelin ERC721 Contract implementing Non Transferable NFTs and whitelisting investor accounts to Crowdsale contracts.

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