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BlobPreconf Auction

Sealed bid Auction SUAPP for blob preconfirming relay leader selection

BlobPreconf Auction

Created At

ETHGlobal London

Winner of


Nethermind - Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) innovations 2nd place

Project Description

A second price sealed bid auction uses SUAVE confidential compute, and presents results in a contract that is then accessible by preconfirmation providers on mev-commit. This achieves the credible auctioneer requirement for a preconfirming relay leader auction, where the relay leader is then able to provide blob preconfirmations for Ethereum on the mev-commit network and present them to block builders in the form of an inclusion list.

How it's Made

we used Go and Solidity to build an auction for blob preconfirmation rights on SUAVE, the SUAPP fetches the latest slot number from the beaconchain API to decision to reveal auction results only for slots that have ended, which determine blob inclusion list rights for the next slot. it posts results to a smart contract that other actors on the mev-commit network can fetch results from.

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