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Blob submission service to allow payments as per your data usage


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Scaling Ethereum 2024

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Avail - Best appchain/rollup/project built with Avail DA

Project Description

This project is a service to merge blob submissions from different parties to fillup a total size of 128Kibs and let the user pay as per their data usage instead of paying the whole fee. The service allows to retrieve blob data as well from the details of the submission which is stored on AvailDA and attested as well, further the attestation has been committed to multiple chains

How it's Made

The project uses Micro Rollup architecture from stackr to receive blob submission requests and then forwarding it to the EIP4844 blobs using viem, lastly the attestation is made using Sign protocol which is them committed to chains using witness protocol. The fee spiltting is done by using contracts letting the users prepay for future submissions and then the fee is deducted from there

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