Blizzt evolution NFTs is a NFT that can evolve to another phases. It's designed to use in the video game industry supporting two evolving methods, free2play and pay2win


Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

Blizzt is a company that helps game developers to integrate NFTs & IPFS into their games. We're seeing how more popular games in crypto spaces (cryptokitties, cryptopunks, axie, ...) are based in collecting NFTs and creating new ones. We have based in a Pokemon model. Our NFTs have different phases, so, depending where we are using the NFT we can evolve to increase his value.

How it's Made

The SmartContract is developed in solidity extending the ERC1155 standard to allow several metadatas inside each NFT. Also we've implemented a mechanism of signed messages to evolve the NFT.

The backend is intented to be integrated in the videogame and it's an API that has two functions to evolve the nft (free or paying). The idea is that the videogame can integrate this API to reward players when they archive some goal. It's developed in NodeJs.

The NFT evolutionary is a DAPP just built for this hack. It communicates with IPFS, Ethereum and the backend. It's developed in ReactJs.

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