NFT marketplace with gated livestreams accessible only by the holders or bidders of any NFT


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Project Description

Its a simple NFT marketplace but with a twist - gated livestreams from the token creators, not only for people who hold a given token but also those who have ever held the token in the past. This is increases the audience size while still maintaining the fidelity of a loyal audience (thats why they got or bid on the tokens before. The metadata is stored in IPFS.

How it's Made

I used NextJS for the client and server, Livepeer for video streaming, IPFS for storing the NFT metadata, The Graph for confirming the token ownership of the users making requests using events, Web3Modal for login, launched on Goerli testnet. With Neo4J database which I didnt get a chance to complete integrating. I was surprised with how convenient video streaming is with Livepeer and how easily I could pull the Events data using The Graph. Combining these two can seriously unlock some superpowers.

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