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A Chrome Extension that allows you to discover and engage with Frames while you browse.


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Karma3Labs - Top 3 Clients or Apps built using OpenRank APIs

Project Description

In a sentence, bezl finds Frames in your current tab and allows you to interact with it directly from the browser toolbar. It does a lot more than that though! Bezl is primarily a little icon in your toolbar that turns green whenever you're on a webpage that has an embedded Frame. Simply click on the icon to see and use the Frame! You can also find lists of the top trending Frames on Farcaster, as well as personalized Frame recommendations based on your social graph.

How it's Made

Built using React, CRX-JS, frames.js, Karma3Labs Ranking APIs, Base, and Airstack.

I heavily relied on frames.js for detecting, verifying, displaying, and enacting on Frames. Since bezl is a Chrome Extension there were some technical hurdles to overcome, but frames.js being Open Source and well supported made that a breeze. Karma3Labs Personalized Frames Ranking API and Global Frames Ranking API allowed me to provide amazing browsing and discovery features, and Airstack Trending Mints API made surfacing hot Base NFTs a breeze.

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