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BetChiliz is your one stop platform for on-chain sports betting built on Chiliz Layer 1 Chain


Created At

ETHGlobal Istanbul

Winner of


Chiliz - Fan Utility Tokens 1st Place

Project Description

This project consists of smart contracts integrated with a frontend for the purpose of on-chain betting for sports events. With BetChiliz, users can participate in on-chain betting across any sports of their choice. Users can make bets in any of the allowed $FAN Tokens enabling users to get a share in the pot of random $FAN Tokens when they win. The platform essentially enables users to also compete with each other to get on the leaderboard to ultimately unlock unique NFTs that will again hold $FAN Tokens. With BetChiliz, pool based betting becomes very easy and fun to be a part of with the added gamification component due to the leaderboard and the unpredictability of the prize pool/

How it's Made

The project makes use of the Chiliz Layer 1 protocol for the smart contracts. I used Remix and Hardhat for developing the smart contracts. I used React.js for the frontend and ethers.js and web3modal for the wallet connectivity. With Chiliz I configured Metamask enabling connectivity to the mainnet.

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