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beoble is a Social Module with API and SDK for Web 3.0, which helps other Web 3.0 services to build social features in just 5 minutes.


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Project Description

beoble is a social module with API and SDK for Web 3.0. It is an on-chain communication window and a user-owned Web 3.0 product. With beoble, Web 3.0 services can easily integrate social functionalities of social profile, messaging, and posting & feeds into their services in 5 minutes.

We believe that social is the next opportunity in blockchain. With DeFi summer in 2020 and NFT boom in 2021, Web 3.0 has begun to gain huge attention and users, yet there is not much place for users to communicate using on-chain data on Web 3.0. Many Web 3.0 services including DEX, P2E games and NFT projects are looking into adding social features, but it is costly to build and not compatible with other services. Meanwhile, existing Web 2.0 social services lack support for blockchain and Web 3.0. beoble aims to address those problems by providing social modules.

beoble’s core features include 1) modularized social profile, 2) modularized wallet-to-wallet messaging, and 3) modularized posting & feeds. Users to connect their wallets to create their Web 3.0 social profile and customize it with NFTs, while following the standards of Lens Protocol. Users can also send messages to other users using either the social profile or wallet address. The messaging module supports group chats such as NFT collection holders’ private group or public chat group for a Web 3.0 service. Messaging is not the only channel to communicate, as users can post articles and write comments which is visible from modularized feeds.

How it's Made

We used the general webpack with web3.js to build our UI. We have full intention to implement this on top of Lens Protocol and it was our original intention, thus, all the UI will be backed by the data within Polygon and smart contracts of Lens Protocol. Lens Protocol is great, but it will be better with our UI kit, so that any Web3 project within Polygon can use us.

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