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BeatBoxx is a Decentralized Music, Podcast and Video Service Platform!


Created At

FVM Space Warp

Project Description

BeatBoxx is a decentralized music, podcast and video service which aims to revolutionize the music industry by enabling artist and music labels to directly connect with listeners. By eliminating intermediaries, beatbox enables a more transparent and fair distribution of music allowing artists and labels to receive fair compensation for their content.

BeatBoxx securely stores and manages music rights and royalties, ensuring that all transactions are transparent, auditable, and secure. The platform also enables music labels to bid for the rights to distribute and monetize the music created by artists, with the highest bidder being awarded the rights.

Listeners can access a vast library of music from all over the world on BeatBoxx and have the opportunity to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of their favorite music labels, granting them lifetime access to the music owned by the label. This innovative use of NFTs provides a unique and secure way for listeners to own a piece of music and supports the growth of the music industry by providing a new and accessible way to monetize music.

It is an exciting new platform that has the potential to transform the way music is created, distributed, and monetized, creating a fairer and more transparent future for the music industry.

For Eg:

Firstly music labels comes to beatbox and registers itself.

Now artist can come with his song and upload the song to the beatbox.

Once the artist has uploaded his song, it goes to the DataDAO admin, and the admin now looks into it and then, approves or rejects the song. Here only the artist can listen to the song and not the audience. This would be done via access control by creds protocol - a zk identity layer built by an Early builder at FVM.

Now beatbox conducts and auction for the uploaded song in which the registered music labels can participate and the highest bidder gets the rights of the song and artist gets the highest bid amount.

Now, for listener to listen to the music label's song, he has to have music label's NFT. He can purchase this NFT from any marketplace such as OpenSea, there are no restrictions. Now the listener can use this NFT to get lifetime access to the songs of that label.

How it's Made

This project uses:

  1. Filecoin virtual machine to allows for a secure and transparent platform for the Data DAO to manage the distribution and monetization of music content on the platform, ensuring fair compensation for artists and music labels. It also leverages the security and decentralization features of the platform to store and manage music content and transactions on the network.
  2. Creds Protocol to do the access control. Creds Protocol is a a zk-identity layer built by an Early builder at FVM. Link:
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