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We're bringing back the joy of owning a 90s pager device and the original vision of twttr - text networks. BEEP3R is the best way to talk to your friends in web3. What are you waiting for? Start BEEPING 📟 205-883-8339


Created At

ETHSanFrancisco 2022

Winner of


🥇 Lens Protocol — Best Use


🤝 ENS — Integration Bounty


🥇 XMTP — Best Use


🏆 ETHSanFrancisco Finalist

Project Description

Text 205-883-8339 to mint your very own BEEP3R NFT in a matter of seconds.

Anyone who has a BEEP3R can broadcast messages to other BEEP3R owners and/or send encrypted DMs via XMTP to other wallet addresses. Users who opt in will receive SMS notifications for any incoming unread messages.

The BEEP3R is a dynamic NFT that will also render all the latest broadcasted messages in real time on Opensea and other NFT marketplaces. Therefore you can literally see messages flying in from your friends and other BEEP3R owners right within your NFT.

Already verified BEEP3R can send messages within our mobile web experience You can choose to broadcast to everyone, respond to a DM, or if you're feeling lucky you can send a message to a rando. Either way you're going to have a blast living in the past.

All private DMs are sent using XMTP and Lens Protocol will be used to store all publicly broadcasted messages. Our goal is to onboard users to these messaging tools in a fun and easy way.

How it's Made

This project uses Twilio + OpenZeppelin Relay to enable a gas-free, text-to-mint experience. The BEEP3R NFT is an upgradable ERC721 smart contract deployed to ETH Mainnet. The NFT utilizes the animation_url metadata field to render a dynamic messaging experience inside an iframe on OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces. Public broadcasts data sent via BEEP3Rs are stored on Lens protocol. XMTP powers the encrypted wallet-to-wallet messaging. SMS notifications are powered by Twilio as well.

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