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BAYC Gallery

A 3D NFT gallery showcasing BAYC NFT holders. Featuring top holders of BAYC NFT's and a simple way to view query any wallet address for BAYC NFT's

BAYC Gallery

Created At

Scaling Ethereum 2023

Winner of


🥉 ApeCoin — Best Integration

Project Description

BAYC gallery is an interactive NFT gallery space built specifically for BAYC collectors to showcase their NFT's. Providing a cool user experience is the main aim in this gallery. This allows artists and collectors to showcase their holdings in a different way and put a spot-light on their ape.

How it's Made

I've built this because NFT holders / Artists could use a better medium for viewing their pieces in a more distinctive way. Using Next.js and Three.js (WEB-GL) to power up the frontend. I used React Three Fiber and drei to help with implementing Three.js components the "react way". In addition, I was able to retrieve the NFT metadata using two Subgraphs powered by The Graph protocol.

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