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Onboard Twitter users on lens by transferring there twitter data to their lens profile


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Project Description

-The problem:

Creating a new social media account is always a pain and a big barrier to get user onboarded on a new social media platform

-The solution

We want to remove all that pain from the experience when creating a lens profile! Thats why we created BatConnect. If the user just gives us their twitter handle we can get all the twitter data and create a profile on lens. They can then share their newly created profile with his friends on twitter. The twitter followers can then use the link shared to follow him and create their own account.

One awesome feature we added is a way to find the people you follow on twitter who is also on the lens protocol. We use the twitter handle to query the people he is following on twitter and then find out if they already have a lens profile. If they do we can display their profile to our user and give him the option to follow them.

How it's Made

Our project is composed of a front end and a back end

The front-end is built with React and Tailwind

The backend is built using Flask

To make our magic happen we are using the twitter api to query the users data (Example: picture, bio, followers, friends etc…) and using the lens api to interact with the lens protocol (example: create profile, follow, query profiles with a specific handle, query profiles owned by a specific address etc…). The link to the blockchain is made by the users wallet, in the case of our demo Metamask. The custody of any PK is handled by the users wallet.

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