Broadcasting multiple txns on Ethereum as one, to save gas fees.


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Project Description

[WIP] As a user who interacts with the Ethereum blockchain on almost every single click, it doesn't make much sense to pay gas fees for each and every txn. Batchoo will enable users to pay gas fees once, for as many txns as they will. There does exist already a solution for this, by team Authereum. But the issue with it that the execution of this 'set'/'batch' of txns is binary in nature, i.e. the complete set will execute only when each and every txn in set is successful. And the entire won't execute if a single txn in the batch fails. With batchoo, the execution of txns will be binary for all txns that are related (like ERC20 approve, transfer) and independent for txns that are non-related (like sending ETH to many).

How it's Made

[WIP] The smart contract layer is a fork of Authereum smart contracts. This fork includes both the cases of executing a binary batch and an independent batch. There will be (not yet there) an off-chain server that will group signatures into related and non-related ones. The server then sends hese 2 sets to the smart contracts, which then sends them to the blockchain in 'improved' batches. Used remix, truffle for writing smart contracts and the server will be written in node.js, express with mongo as database.

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