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Base and Optimism-powered, Superchain and Layer Zero enabled Point of Sale platform for retail and businesses.


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🥈 LayerZero — Best Omnichain Implementation


🥇 Covalent — Best Use

Project Description

Basepoint is perhaps the first built on Base, Optimism-powered, Superchain enabled Point of Sale platform for retail and businesses.

When we were deciding on what to hack for the superhack we asked ourselves…

Have we really Banked the unbanked and reached the final consumer in our Web3 Applications? Or, are we just feeding developers and speculators?

And that’s the main issue with Web3 at this moment.

But, if we take a look at the state of the technology even one year ago, we could not focus on anything else as the fees and the networks at that time were not really there.

Now the technology is there with rollups, AI and the Superchain enabling us to reach more. As soon as Base showed that they wanted a consumer application we decided to build one. For it is in the masses that the Superchain has its most important promise to fill.

For this Hackathon we were aiming to deploy a Point of Sale application with Cross-chain and multi-chain, ahem coff coff Superchain capabilities primarily using Base as it is the faster indexer and at this moment the faster to fullfill transactions. What we needed was a bridge or a way to send assets, whether it is USDC, ETH, any other Token etc, between the superchain and even to other external chains. That's when we researched and found out that Layer Zero had something called Stargate that would enable us to do exactly that.

How it's Made

  • All Base and Cross-chain transactions are controlled through web3.js, Ethers and WalletConnectV2 on mainnet.

  • Through Rapyd's APIs we can manage users, checkout, swap and KYC of our app. (

  • Wallet Connect is used as a secure connection to transmit the Point of Sale transactions to the Wallet, this connection is similar to a WebSocketSecure method and is widely adopted in EVM wallets.

  • ChainLink is used for its price feeds for each of the most popular assets in the cryptocurrency market.

  • is the bridging on-chain service, powered by LayerZero that we use to make transactions across chains. All these transactions can be seen on the LayerZero explorer.

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